Your child will love their dentist.

Most kids feel anxious about coming to the dentist. Especially the first time.

That’s why at Tyler Center for Dental Health, we do everything possible to help our little patients feel comfortable and relaxed when they come.

Our staff is warm and friendly.

Our lobby has several activities your child will enjoy while you wait to be seen.

And Dr. Josh is a dad of three who loves caring for and interacting with kids.

“Even my 3 year old said she wanted to stay longer.”

— Joanna Scheuerman

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A child-friendly dentist in Tyler, TX who cares about your child

We want your child to feel...

From the time your child comes into our office, they’ll be greeted with a warm, friendly smile.

A stunning, bright smile can make all the difference between a child who feels insecure or confident.

We work hard to educate our young patients, so they know how to take the best care of their teeth.

We want to show every kid in our office respect so they feel comfortable sharing any concerns or questions they have about their dental health.

Our goal is for your little one to leave our office with a big smile and associate a trip to the dentist with fun.

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Bring your child under two in for a (free) Happy Visit.

The best way to help children feel comfortable going to the dentist is to start taking them as early as possible.

That’s why we offer free dental visits for children under two years old.

At the Happy Visit, we will examine your child’s mouth, gently brush their teeth, and most importantly, help them feel comfortable going to a dentist.

Let us know if you’d like to schedule your child’s Happy Visit back to back with your own teeth cleaning, and we’ll do our best to work it into the schedule.

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Ready to schedule your child’s dental cleaning?

It’s easy...

  1. Call our office to speak with one of our friendly staff.
  2. Get a new patient welcome packet in the mail.
  3. Arrive with peace of mind and (finally) enjoy your trip to the dentist.

We look forward to seeing you.

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